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Gujarat GK Quiz -1

About Gujarat GK Quiz Gujarat GK Quiz – In this post, you can find 50 Gujarati gk quiz questions from various subjects. answers to that question are available in PDF that you can find after quiz. Find out the type of ornament from the option: “O Sindhu, you are salty yet rich”Upma AlankarContrast metaphorExaggerated metaphorRupak Enamel Find the… Read More »

Taluka Panchayat Committees In Gujarat – 2022

Taluka Panchayat Committees Taluka Panchayat Committees – The formation of the executive committee and the social justice committee is mandatory in the taluka panchayat.✓ No person who is not a member of the Panchayat can become the Chairman of the Committee.✓ The members of the committee will elect one of them as the chairman of the committee. But… Read More »

The use of various tools of science – 2022

The use of various tools of science Science may be complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The tools of science can seem daunting and mysterious to someone who hasn’t learned them before, but they’re actually quite simple once you know what they are and how they work. Here are 74 of the most useful tools of… Read More »