Mahavir Swami and Jainism – 2022

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Mahavir Swami and Jainism

Mahavir Swami and Jainism : The founder of Jainism is believed to be Rishabhadeva who was the first Tirthankara of Jainism. There are a total of 24 Tirthankaras in Jainism, of which Mahavir Swami is considered to be the 24th Tirthankara. Mahavir Swami is also considered to be the de facto founder of Jainism. Jain Tirthankara Rishabhadeva and Arishtanemi find mentions in the Rig Veda.

Mahavir Swami and Jainism

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24 Tirthankaras of Jainism

(1) Rishabhdev | Adinath

 (2) Ajitnath

(3) Sambanath

(4) Congratulations

(5) Sumathinath

(6) Padmaprabhu

(7) Suparshwanath

(8) Chand

(9) The Lord

(10) Pushpadanta

(11) Sheetalnath

(12) Shreyanshnath

(13) Vasupujay

(14) Vimalnath

(15) Anantnath

(16) Dharmanath

(17) Kanthaunath

(18) Aresnath

(19) Mallinath

(20) Munisuvratnath

(21) Neminath

(22) Arishtanemi (Neminath)

(23) Parsvnath

(24) Mahavir Swami

Biography of Mahavir Swami

Mahavir Swami was born bc. It took place in 599 in Kundalgram near Vaishali. His father’s name was Siddhartha and his mother’s name was Trishala. The original name of Mahavir Swami was Vardhaman. Mahavir Swami was married to a princess named Yashoda. At the age of 30, he left home to seek truth and became a hermit. After 12 years of intense penance, the highest knowledge was attained on the banks of the Rujupalika River near Jasmikgram.

After the attainment of Sakaiwal (supreme) knowledge, Mahavira came to be known as Jailin, Jin (conqueror), Nirgastha (bond free), Mahavira, Ahanta (appropriate), and so on.

Mahavir Swami’s mother Trishala was the sister of Chetak. There were eleven disciples of Mahavir Swami who were called Gandharva or Gandharva. Mahavir Swami had canvassed his vote in the regions of Vaishali, Rajgriha, Mithila, Kaushal, Vidarbha, Shravasti, Magadha, Ang, etc. After attaining enlightenment, Mahavir Swami founded the Jain Sangha in Pavapuri. BC. He died in Pavapuri at the age of 72 in 527.

Places associated with Mahavir Swami

Born: In Kundal village near Vaishali.

Enlightenment – On the banks of the Rujupalika river near Jalmikgram.

Preaching – Vaishali, Rajgriha, Mithila, Kaushal, Vidarbha, Shravasti, Magadha and Ang.

Establishment of Jain Sangha – Pawapuri

Death – Pavapuri.

The main Jain pilgrims and their symbols

Rishabhdev – Sandh,

Adinath – Elephant,

Parsvnath – Snake,

Mahavir Swami Singh.

6 Substances, According to Jain opinion, the structure of the world is made from 6 substances.

(1) Life

 (2) Physical element

(3) Religion

 (4) Iniquity

 (5) The sky

(6) Time.

Jain Literature

Kalpasutra is an important text of Jainism. In which the biography of 23 Tirthankaras is given. There are 14 texts of the original principles of Jainism given by Mahavir Swami which are known by the name of the former. In the first century, the niyamsar, the panchastikayasar, the samayasa and the discourse composed by Acharya Kunda are the four important Jain texts. The Jain scriptures are known as anganas. The composition of Jain scriptures is mostly in the Prakrit language.

Jain sects

Shwetambar and Digambar are the two sects of Jainism, Shwetambarpanthi wears white while Digambarpanthi renounces the garment.

The Triratnas of Jainism

Equal knowledge – truth and complete knowledge.

Samyak philosophy – faith in real knowledge. Samya Conduct – A righteous life

18 sins mentioned in Jainism

(1) Untruth

(2) Theft

(3) Sex

(4) Anger

(5) Violence

(6) Lust

(7) Greed

 (8) Maya

(9) Honor

 (10) Infatuation

 (11) Conflict

(12) Hatred

(13) Blame

(14) Chadi-Chugali

(15) Condemnation

 (16) Incontinence

(17) Maya Mrisha (appropriate untruth)

(18) Mithya Darshan.

The Panchamahavrat is the mahavratas to be observed by Jain bhikshu bhikshunis.

(1) Non-violence (2) Truth

(2) Asteya

 (3) Aparigraha

(4) Celibacy.

Jain Religious Meetings :

The first Jain Congregation bc. In 300 (approx.) it took place in Pataliputra under the chairmanship of Sthulabhadra with the aim of restructuring the scattered Jain texts. The second Jain Dharma Sabha was held in 512 A.D. under the chairmanship of The Devarishigana in Valbhi (Valbhipur), Gujarat, with the aim of collecting the original texts of the scattered Jain texts and publishing them in book form.

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