The use of various tools of science – 2022

By | April 14, 2022

The use of various tools of science

Science may be complex, but it doesn’t have to be hard. The tools of science can seem daunting and mysterious to someone who hasn’t learned them before, but they’re actually quite simple once you know what they are and how they work. Here are 74 of the most useful tools of science every child should know! Make sure your kids understand these concepts by teaching them on your own or asking them to do this activity as homework from their teacher.

The use of various tools of science

various tools of science

●1. Stethoscope: An instrument used to measure heartbeats

●2. Telescope: An instrument for viewing a distant planet

●3. Episcope: Reflected image viewable tool

●4. Epidiodyoscope: A tool used to view the object as it expands.

●5. Gyroscope: An instrument that shows the effect of the rotation of the earth

●6.Galvanoscope: Instrument showing the state of an electric current

●7.Periscope: A tool used to view objects in spite of obstacles

●8.Baroscope : A tool that shows the change of air pressure

●9.Electroscope : An instrument that displays the charge of an object

●10.Hydroscope : A tool used to see the bottom of the ocean

●11.Horoscope : The Manuscript and the Science that makes its appearance

●12.Mycoscope : A tool that shows the object to be larger by the lens method

●13.Radiotelescope : An instrument that receives radio sounds coming from celestial objects

●14.Cinemascope : A mechanical scheme that makes three dimensions visible

●15.Stereoscope: A tool that shows fine objects to be large

●16.Endoscope : Home viewing tool

●17.Autoscope : Diagonal tool

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●18.Aclograph : Measuring the vibration of an electric current

●19.Cardiograph : A tool recording the effect of heart pressure

●20.Cascograph : An instrument that shows sensations to plants

●21.Telegraph : Telegram Message Recording Tool

●22.Thermography : A tool that shows a graph with the effect of the day’s temperature

●23.Cinematograph: The instrument for filming a moving picture

●24.Seismograph : Seismic Measuring Instrument

●25.Ediphone : A means of help for deaf people to listen to

●26.Optophone: A tool for a blind man to read a printed book

●27.Microphone : A tool that maximizes the sound with the help of electricity

●28.Hygrophone : An instrument measuring the velocity of underwater sound

●29.Gramophone : A device that produces the original sound from the record

●30.Dictophone: A tool for writing papers, like a gramophone.

●31.Amymeter : A device measuring the force of the current

●32.Translator : A device to send the radioactive waves of the radio

●33.Thermometer : An instrument for measuring temperature

●34.Milometer : An instrument that indicates the distance travelled by the vehicle

●35.Voltameter : An instrument used for electrical analysis

●36.Speedometer : An instrument that displays the speed of a moving vehicle

●37.Hygrometer : An instrument to measure the moisture in the air

●38.Hydrometer : An instrument to measure the specific density of liquids

●39.Magnometer : Magnetic Field Measuring Instrument

●40.Optometer : A tool that measures vision

●41.Paryazometer : Confluence Measuring Instrument

●42.Interferometer : Pakash wave measuring instrument

●43.Atomometer : Vaporder Measuring Instrument

●44.Actonometer : Ray intensity measuring instrument

●45.Anemometer : Aeratory Direction Meter

●46.Audimeter : Hearing Measuring Instrument

●47.Colorimeter : Color intensity measuring instrument

●48.Oltimometer : AdvancedNess Meter Tool

●49.Cathetometer : A viscosity measuring instrument

●50.Calaimeter : A heat-measuring instrument

●51.Conometer : Clock Meter

●52.Picknometer : Liquid Feature Measuring Instrument

●53.Kilnometer : Gradient Measuring Instrument

●54.Kyometer : Very low heat measuring instrument

●55.Galvanometer : Electrical Scale Instrument

●56.Goniometer : Angle Measuring Instrument

●57.Gosmeter : Magnetic Measuring Instrument

●58.Gravitometer : Instrument measuring gravity

●59.Density meter : Density Measuring Instrument

●60.Pirheliometer : Instrument measuring sun rays

●61.Pluviometer : Rain gauge device

●62.Pyrometer : Highness Measuring Instrument

●63.Planimeter : Plane plane plane measuring instrument

●64.Photometer : Light Measuring Instrument

●65.Backman Thermometer : A thermally challenging instrument

●66.Barometer : Airborne Measuring Instrument

●67.Mycometer : Fineness Measuring Instrument

●68.Mekhmeter : Pollen velocity meter instrument

●69.Refectometer : Refracetometer : Refractive device

●70.Lactometer : Solid density meter instrument

●71.Wineometer: A honey measuring instrument in wine

●72.Vareometer: Aircraft descending measuring instrument

●73.Spherometer: Circular Measuring Instrument

●74.Salinometer: Salinity Measuring Instrument

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